A Few of Our Projects
  1. Matching, suburban shed and house.
    Seamless Integration
    Our storage buildings can be ordered to comply with the standards of most ordinances and your own, good taste. Sometimes, the less noticed garden features are the best.
  2. Classic, wooden garden shed.
    Classic styling with Solid quality!
    You can't go wrong with Marten Portable Buildings. Every piece is built by experts who have done it hundreds of times. These, little structures are built to stand up to time and weather beautifully.
  3. Double garage sized building behind a high school.
    Heavy Duty!
    Built to order, our larger units are ideal for many industrial and commercial applications. Universities, hospitals, restaurants, dealerships store a huge variety of equipment securely and inexpensively with Marten Portable Buildings.
  4. Brown Semi-commercial building
    One Meeting Hall, Coming Up!
    Even we are surprised at the number of ways people use our buildings. Band practice pad, office space, workshop, Harley cave, you name it, we probably have a design that would be perfect.
  5. Gray shed with porch
    Room With a View
    Your adult guests might like to stay in this doll house! Or at least throw them a tea party. Maybe even invite the little ones, but it's your call.
  6. Gray, matching house and shed.
    Free Up Your Living Space
    What could you do with an extra 100 square feet of living space? Find out by storing your seasonal and extra-large items out of sight. The only regret people have is not getting a bigger building!
  7. Classic barn-styled, salt box shed.
    Tough or Adorable?
    It's both, actually. But whatever your personal taste is, we have a huge range of design and size options that hopes to please everyone at once.
  8. White barn with red, steel roof.
    Customize Your Design
    With so many choices of materials, colors, roofing selection and a list of options from shutters to window boxes, you'll be sure to get the perfect look and function.
  9. Truck in garage.
    Any Questions?
    As a testimony to the incredible sturdiness of Marten Portable Buildings proprietary structural elements, here is a full size pickup truck, happily sheltered in a medium-sized unit.
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